Simone Immler, PI

Simone is interested in all biological aspects of sexual reproduction in a wide range of organisms and employs theoretical, comparative, experimental and genomics tools to address the many questions that are still unanswered.


Berrit Kiehl


Berrit Kiehl, PhD student

Berrit is combining experimental work with RNAseq to study small RNAs in the zebrafish, Drosophila and the ocellated wrasse.





Ghazal Alavioon, postdoctoral researcher

Ghazal is running experiments in zebrafish and humans in order to improve our understanding of haploid selection in predominantly diploid organisms.





Ding He, postdoctoral researcher

Ding is developing a theoretical framework to analyse signs of haploid selection in pools of gametes





David Murray, research assistant

David is involved in a collaborative project with the lab of Alexei Maklakov to study reproduction and ageing in zebrafish.


Rozalia Korbut –  research assistant

Rozalia is in charge of our zebrafish facility and makes sure, all the fish are healthy and happy.


Many great people have been in the lab:

Willian Silva (PhD student) – now researcher at Gothenburg University, Sweden

Hwei-yen Chen (postdoc) – now researcher at Lund University, Sweden

Susanne Zajitschek (postdoc) – now researcher at University of New South Wales, Australia

Marta (Promerova) Burri (postdoc) – now researcher at Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Germany

Bart Nieuwenhuis (postdoc) – now Assistant Professor at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany

Khriezhanuo Nakhro (postdoc) – now a postdoctoral researcher at the UNIST, South Korea

Roy Francis (postdoc) – now bioinformatician at NBIS at SciLifeLab Uppsala, Sweden

Cécile Jolly (postdoc) – now researcher at Uppsala University, Sweden

Constance Nebendahl (postdoc) – now a researcher in a German fertility clinic

Cosima (Hotzy) Hermans (PhD student) – currently on maternity leave and headed towards applied conservation biology

Aivars Cirulis (MSc student) – currently doing a PhD at Lund University, Sweden

Andrea Cabrera Garcia (research assistant) – is now doing an MSc at Linköping University, Sweden

Jessica Nettelblad (MSc student) – now working at UPPMAX as bioinformatician at Uppsala University, Sweden

Joaquin Alcalde (research assistant)

Berenice Villegas Ramirez (research assistant) – currently looking for a PhD position

Sergio Tusso (MEME student) – currently doing a PhD at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany

Gil Henriques (MEME student) – currently doing a PhD at the University of British Columbia, Canada

… and many visiting students from all around the world. We always welcome visitors and exchange students!!